Manchester United v Liverpool 0-0 (League match: March 18, 1916)

March 18, 1916
Match: Lancashire Section, supplementary tournament, at Old Trafford.
Manchester United – Liverpool 0-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 10,000.
Referee: Mr. J.I. Turner; linesmen: Messrs. J. Westwell and F.W. Johnson.
Manchester United (2-3-5): John Swann, Tommy Lucas, Cyril Barlow, Foster, Walter Davies, Tommy Gipps, Fred Hopkin, Wilf Woodcock, Arthur Campey, Billy Halligan, Winterburn.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Ted Taylor, Ephraim Longworth, James Middlehurst, John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Robert Waine, Wilfred Watson, Fred Pagnam, William Banks, Tommy Cunliffe.

Match reports:
* Liverpool Echo: “Flashes of individual merit”;