War time matches

Everton v Liverpool 1-0 (League match: April 1, 1916)

April 1, 1916
Match: Lancashire Section, supplementary tournament, at Goodison Park, kick off: 15:30.
Everton – Liverpool 1-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 25,000; gate receipt: £700.
Referee: Mr. W.J. Heath; linesmen: Messrs: R. McLachlan and J. Twist.
Everton (2-3-5): Tommy Fern, Bob Thompson, Bobby Simpson, William Brown, Tom Fleetwood, Billy Wareing, Sam Chedgzoy, Billy Kirsopp, James Williamson, Joe Clennell, James Roberts.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Ted Taylor, Ephraim Longworth, James Middlehurst, John Bamber, Arthur Goddard, Donald Mackinlay, Ernest Pinkney, Wilfred Watson, Fred Pagnam, Arthur Metcalf, Tommy Cunliffe.
The goal: 1-0 Williamson (87 min.).

Match report from Liverpool Football Echo, Saturday, April 1 – 1916
Fourth Meeting This Season of the City’s Big Clubs
Capital Day And Game
“Bees” Comment and chat –Upon Matters Of Important
Great Goalkeeping Stroke By Taylor

It is with deep regret, I announce the death of Mrs William Balmer, the former Everton and England full back has our sympathies.

Locally the teams were stronger than for a moth past. Liverpool had Pagnam and Pinkney back, and Everton had Wareing, Brown, and they strongest forward line. It was the fourth meeting of the teams and as Liverpool had three times been successful, Everton were naturally keen to wipe off the slate one of the black marks.

Large Attendance.
The day was gloriously fine and a great game – clean and keen as is the rule when Everton and Liverpool meet –was looked for by a crowd of probably 20,000 strong.

Glad There Was a Strike.
A party of 130 wounded Canadians soldiers were among the stand spectators. They were to have sailed home today, but the docking strike prevented this, and while the U.P.R not about entertaining these brave fellows. Everton helped them considerably by inviting the party to the match.

What a game is football. Imagine it –football while there is a war on. you’ve heard those phrases frequently. The spirit knows not one bit of the leisure of Tommy and Jack. They want football to go on.

Harrison had been unwell during the week and Roberts the sandy haired Welshman made his first appearance of the season. Liverpool by winning the toss made Everton face a griming sun.

Immediately Middlehurst made a brilliant intervention and McKinlay and Cunliffe forced the ball over to Pinkney who, though quick to sent behind his shot. This opened the way for Chedgzoy a dribble. In a trice Roberts centred a fine square centre, too far out from the goalkeeper and over the heads of the full back, and so great were the exchanges and Everton showed much enterprise and no hesitation in front of goal. For instance Clennell shot instance, and with a free kick, Chedgzoy made a shot such as Evertonians used to see from Jack Sharp’s foot, so swift and true was the shot, and Taylor was fully alive to the nature of the charge which Chedgzoy made.

For a long spell Everton had the better of matters and it was well that the Liverpool defence held up strong. At this point Williamson was damaged in collision when running to take up one of Chedgzoy’s sweet centres.

So far Referee Heath had found the game easy to control and this was in keeping with the experience of Harold Taylor and other referees who have had the pleasure of officiating in these.

The crowd must have numbered fully 25,000 and they give applause to Wareing, Goddard, Simpson and Clennell for especially tasty brim of football. The last named player wrenched his left knee rather badly when he was pitched forward in the penalty area. He seemed to be certain to score when he was closed in upon backs and half backs, and his pace was so pronounced that the slightest touch of the leg meant Clennell would reach the turf.

Clean Derby Ties.
Liverpool came to their own a bit after this but Mackinlay was not playing a confident game against Chedgzoy and Kirsopp, and with Fleetwood seeing that Pagnam did nothing more than put the ball out to the wing, the Liverpool right wing was not the picture.

Everton continued to play superior football and make the major portion of the attacks. Everton enjoyed nine-tenth of the attack, the number of shots was strangely poor in number and quality. Chedgzoy was quit the most prominent forward on the field, and once when he swept past Mackinlay and Middlehurst the ball was put towards goal and Taylor made an unusual error failing to pick up at the first chance. It was a dangerous situation and the ball was smuggled away.

Bamber was too inclined to dribble today and with Middlehurst taking a risk a corner was Everton’s luck. This was insidiously taken by Roberts and muddied away by Liverpool whose right wing showed glimpse of true form. Pinkney winding up a shade wide.

Pagnam headed to goal and a minute from half time Wareing after two thrills, but the ball out to Chedgzoy who although outside was allowed to proceed nearly half the length of the field. Taylor stood between him and the goal. The Balmorals men advanced some yards of his goal adjusted his jersey and when Chedgzoy rammed in a most powerful shot, Taylor shot out both hands and the ball cannoned high into the air and over the goal. It was a marvellous piece of goalkeeping and friend and foe generously applauded the only Liverpool player on the Anfield side.

Half-time; Everton 0. Liverpool 0.

In brief the first half had been a triumph for Liverpool’s defence, and the best player had been Taylor, Chedgzoy, Wareing Longsworth, Fleetwood, and Goddard.

There was a lot of discriminate pasting when the game was resumed.

Pinkney opened cleverly but finished poor and Cunliffe, who had been out of the picture for some time, joined –Metcalf in a nice bout of passing. Again the finish was without tangible result.

Watson was wild, and out of place, but after Kirsopp had a nice long cross-shot Watson touched a high mark by shooting in brilliantly after he had been grounded. His chance came after Pinkney centre that was put far too close to the goalkeeper’s reach.

Cunliffe went near and Chedgzoy nearer, Chedgzoy by following it up, collared a Middlehurst punt. Away he went but Longsworth came to his comrade’s aid and proved himself impassable.

Liverpool had started with a rash but it was not long before Everton resumed their attacking ways and Taylor’s big punches were necessary to prevented a goal.

The pace slowed somewhat, but their was plenty of Fire in the proceedings, especially when Middlehurst impede Chedgzoy twice.

Pagnam continued to be held up just as Williamson was but the time came when the Liverpool centre took a free kick and found his way blocked as usual. However, Pagnam was encouraged a little, and he sent the left wing away smartly. Clennell was wide with a free kick, and a hot shot from the same foot-sailed high over. His right wing, however, became curiously mix.

Match report from the Evening Express, Saturday, April 1 – 1916.
Fourth Meeting This Season.
“Blues” In Form.
Ideal Conditions At Goodison Park
By the Judge.

For the fourth time this season, and with still two further meetings awaiting them, Everton and Liverpool meet at Goodison Park this afternoon under Ideal conditions, a perfect spring day gracing the event.

The three games hitherto played between the pair have all resulted in favour of the Anfield team, whose trio of successive were as follows:-
November 27, 1915, 4-1
December 27, (war friendly) 5-2
February, 16 1-0

The two latter games were played at Goodison Park, where the concluding meeting of the season between the teams will take place on behalf of the Lord Mayor’s Roll of Honour Fund and for the Lord Major’s medals.

State Of The Chart.
The position of affairs in the Southern Group of this supplementary series saw both since undefeated up to day’s meeting. As regards the teams there was little to say about them, except that they were to be regarded as at full strength. Mr. W.J. Heath was in command.

There was every indication of a season’s record so far as the gate was concerned, and the teams were taxed to their utmost capacity in conveying including spectators to the ground. The Khaki element was in evidence.

Everton had to take the field without the services of Harrison, who was quite unfit to appear, and whose place was taken by Roberts, who has been playing previously for Tranmere Rovers. The Liverpool team was as announced, and the sides took the field under perfect conditions.

Blues Loss The Toss.
Everton, who were first out, lost the toss, but Liverpool played with the sun in their favour.

The game opened briskly, Everton attacking on the right and Middlehurst kicking away well, enabling the Anfielders to set up a beautiful attack on the right wing. This was, however, speedily cleared and Chedgzoy rushing to the other end got in a sparkling shot from which Taylor brought off a perfect save.

Play remained full of life, the Everton forwards showing the speedier, and the more dangerous footwork. A free kick to the Blues well over the centre line caused some anxiety, Chedgzoy getting in one of his best centres and enabling Williamson to shoot. But Longworth intercepted the effort. The Liverpool back was immediately afterwards penalised not far from the penalty line, but Taylor saved a direct drive in splendid style.

Through the sun was strongly against them the Everton attack set the disadvantage quite at nought, and the home team were practically monopolising the play, Chedgzoy always being a particularly dangerous force.

Rapid Passing.
The passing of the home front rank was very rapid and accurate, and the Anfield defenders had to be very vigilant in looking after their goal. Taylor was called upon to stop a long header by Williamson. He had no difficulty in doing so, and on the left, trying to change the scene, Watson was pulled up for offside.

A stoppage was caused by an injury to Williamson, received as he was dashing to take a centre from Chedgzoy, but he soon resumed, and although Liverpool were soon afterwards awarded a free kick they were unable to make any material headway, the home side still monopolising the play, an dip to now having their opponents completely held.

A beautiful passing movement by the Everton forward with Chedgzoy as its initiator saw the Liverpool goal in dire jeopardy. Clennell rushed in at terrific speed, and was tripped when he almost had the goal at his mercy. The referee allowed him to go on and the ball was carried outside, whilst Clennell as the result of his fall, was clean knocked out for a few moments.

Liverpool experienced the narrowest escapes, in the world from a penalty, and they were distinctly fortunate.

Game Opened Out.
A lovely long pass by Pagnam to Cunliffe opened out the game but the Everton goal was not unduly threatened and after the visiting centre had again tried to give his side a footing in his opponents half, Everton again took up the argument and Chedgzoy brought Taylor into action with a shot at close quarters.

Following a corner conceded by Middlehurst, Longsworth palpably handled in dangerous proximity to the penalty line, but nothing resulted, Williamson eventually shooting wide.

A splendid kick by Simpson easily drove the Reds back when they attempted to get away and play for a period remained in midfield though Everton, who were the most forceful of the two sides, soon again took up the attack. Chedgzoy being just too high with a fine shot from long range.

Towards the interval the Everton attack put in some wonderful work, although they were never able to achieve the desired climax.

The Liverpool halves and backs experienced a gruelling time, but they struck gallantly to their work against a vanguard which never allowed them a moment’s rest.

The most dangerous forward on the Anfielders’ side was Pinkney from whom Pagnam made several promising openings, but otherwise the Reds centre forward was not allowed to have his usual individual opportunities.

Clean Sheet at Interval.
Liverpool established themselves in the home half just before the interval was sounded, but they were easily held off, and the teams crossed over with a clean sheet, although Everton had been altogether the more active and better combined force.

Right on the interval Taylor brought off a wonderful save. Chedgzoy with only the goalkeeper to beat, driving in with terrific force, Taylor shot up his hands with wonderfully judged precision, and the ball went over for a fruitless corner. The Liverpool goalkeeper was deservedly cheered for an altogether remarkable save.

The spectators were calling for half-time all round the ground, but the referee played on, and the changeover was affected with allowing for stoppages at the right moment with a blank sheet.

Half-Time; Everton Nil, Liverpool Nil.

The Second Half.
Liverpool were the first to attack on resuming, their left wing forcing the pace, but the effort proved harmless, and Roberts was soon away on the opposite wing, Longsworth leaving no difficulty in dealing with him. Williamson tried to get through, but was charged off the ball, and the Reds came again with each wing in operation in turn. The home defenders were, however, very vigilant though once Wareing found himself penalised. The hurriedness, however, with which Pagnam took the free kick to the extent, nullified the advantage to his side. Kirsopp tried a flying shot, which passed just wide of the objective, with Taylor anxiously following the flight of the ball. A free kick to Everton was easily cleared by Middlehurst, and Fern was called upon to deal with a perfectly aimed shot from Pinkney.

Liverpool Snow Up Better.
Liverpool were showing up much better, and Watson with a drive of terrific force skimmed the bar the merest fraction.

“Rovers” Comments.
An ideal day for football, with the attendance quite in keeping with the meeting of our two great local rivals.

What’s to happen? Can the Reds keep up their sequence of victories and do it on their near neighbours for the fourth time in succession?

Wait and see!

Here they come. Twenty-two strapping young fellows, bent on playing the game as it should be played, and moreover, quite for the sake of the sport.

Well, the opening must have satisfied all. The spectators loves to see fast end to end play, with the men showing some ideal of a finish. And the latter essential quality was there. Simpson was just a shade lucky in intercepting a ground pass from Everton’s left. It looked odds on Pinkney getting there.

But what of Chedgzoy? Has ever a ball been taken neater and yards saved thereby than when he scooped with his left and tore ahead, finally to put in a brilliant centre. The movements was stamped with the hall-mark of class and Taylor can surely bear this out, for his best interceptive effort was required to save the situation.

Smart Footwork.
Though both sides were serving up capital footwork, the Blues were just now just a shade the better side. Still they were unable to make tangible use of their superiority.

Chedgzoy again, alert and aggressive. But Middlehurst was on his trial this time and saved the situation. Pagnam going at last. But like most aggressive centre forwards, he had been kept under the wing of Tom Fleetwood.

Play still delightfully interesting and fast and the big gathering of spectators were hugely delighted with the open run of the game.

Likely finishing, however seemed to come Everton’s way, and as a general rule Chedgzoy was mostly concerned.

On one occasion he had Mackinlay and Middlehurst in turn, and centre perfectly on the run, but Williamson was forcibly knocked off, and play was suspended for a minute or so.

A moment later, the Blues appeared certain scorers, but the inside men overdid the finesse business, what time Arthur Goddard stepped in and changed the venue. However, they came again, and did better this time. Still, Taylor was not called upon. But what concerning Clennell’s run through? Mackinlay was in the way, and most folk were under the impression that a penalty should have been the result thereof. However, nothing came of it and a delightful pass from Metcalf to Pinkney was worthy of better results.

Watson and his partner were just now in the limelight, and Simpson had an exciting time, but he came through all right. However, there was always an undercurrent of superiority on the part of the Everton players, and it was the nearest thing in the world that a move from Chedgzoy, after charging down Middlehurst’s kick, did not materialise. Middlehurst paid the compliment to Clennell from a free kick just outside the penalty line and me thinks the particular part of his person must have tingled.

Goddard’s Work.
The “Blues” still the more fancied, but Goddard’s artistic touches were invaluable, and moreover his clearance was to the best advantage. The Liverpool forwards had seldom been seen in a winging stride. Their efforts were spasmodic and individual, despite the fact that they were well provided by their halves.

Half-time closing in and Fern has not yet been called on. From a direct shot Pinkney, however, came near the mark, and then Fleetwood, as is his wont, tried to demonstrate how forwards should get goals. It was not a success, however, but a smart centre would have exacted toll when Taylor dropped the ball in attempting to clear.

What a cheer went up when Chedgzoy crowned some brilliant work by Wareing, and the popular outside right deserved it. Half-time arrived with nothing tangible to show for it, though the Blues had been immeasurably superior in attack. The position redounds greatly to the Stirling ability of the defensive forces arrayed against them.

After The Breather.
Off again! But what a contrast to the opening stages. There was scarcely a gallop, but ‘twill warm up no doubt. Very clever Williamson, but why lose possession at the finish?

Play just is resoling itself into a tussle between the respective halves, and none showed better command of the ball than did Wareing.

Livening up considerably, and the crowd did their share. Near thing, Kirsopp. It was a beauty.

The Reds were now more incisive than at any other period of the game, and there was no finer effort than one from Watson, who skimmed the bar with a shot taken under difficulties.

No slackening of effort just now and the Anfield forwards generally have advanced by leaps and bounds as regards concerted movements. Chedgzoy’s solo effort raised Everton’s hopes but wholehearted Longsworth actually outpaced him and placed safely aside.

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