Fourth Meeting This Season of the City’s Big Clubs

April 1, 1916

Locally the teams were stronger than for a moth past. Liverpool had Pagnam and Pinkney back, and Everton had Wareing, Brown, and they strongest forward line. It was the fourth meeting of the teams and as Liverpool had three times been successful, Everton were naturally keen to wipe off the slate one of the black marks.

Large Attendance.
The day was gloriously fine and a great game – clean and keen as is the rule when Everton and Liverpool meet – was looked for by a crowd of probably 20,000 strong.
Everton: Tommy Fern, Bob Thompson, Bobby Simpson, William Brown, Tom Fleetwood, Billy Wareing, Sam Chedgzoy, Billy Kirsopp, James Williamson, Joe Clennell, Jim Roberts.
Liverpool: Ted Taylor, Ephraim Longworth, James Middlehurst, John Bamber, Arthur Goddard, Donald Mackinlay, Ernest Pinkney, Wilfred Watson, Fred Pagnam, Arthur Metcalf, Tommy Cunliffe.

Glad There Was a Strike.
A party of 130 wounded Canadians soldiers were among the stand spectators. They were to have sailed home today, but the docking strike prevented this, and while the U.P.R not about entertaining these brave fellows. Everton helped them considerably by inviting the party to the match.

What a game is football. Imagine it – football while there is a war on. you’ve heard those phrases frequently. The spirit knows not one bit of the leisure of Tommy and Jack. They want football to go on.

Harrison had been unwell during the week and Roberts the sandy haired Welshman made his first appearance of the season. Liverpool by winning the toss made Everton face a griming sun.

Immediately Middlehurst made a brilliant intervention and Mackinlay and Cunliffe forced the ball over to Pinkney who, though quick to sent behind his shot. This opened the way for Chedgzoy a dribble. In a trice Roberts centred a fine square centre, too far out from the goalkeeper and over the heads of the full back, and so great were the exchanges and Everton showed much enterprise and no hesitation in front of goal. For instance Clennell shot instance, and with a free kick, Chedgzoy made a shot such as Evertonians used to see from Jack Sharp’s foot, so swift and true was the shot, and Taylor was fully alive to the nature of the charge which Chedgzoy made.

For a long spell Everton had the better of matters and it was well that the Liverpool defence held up strong. At this point Williamson was damaged in collision when running to take up one of Chedgzoy’s sweet centres.

So far Referee Heath had found the game easy to control and this was in keeping with the experience of Harold Taylor and other referees who have had the pleasure of officiating in these.

The crowd must have numbered fully 25,000 and they give applause to Wareing, Goddard, Simpson and Clennell for especially tasty brim of football. The last named player wrenched his left knee rather badly when he was pitched forward in the penalty area. He seemed to be certain to score when he was closed in upon backs and half backs, and his pace was so pronounced that the slightest touch of the leg meant Clennell would reach the turf.

Clean Derby Ties.
Liverpool came to their own a bit after this but Mackinlay was not playing a confident game against Chedgzoy and Kirsopp, and with Fleetwood seeing that Pagnam did nothing more than put the ball out to the wing, the Liverpool right wing was not the picture.

Everton continued to play superior football and make the major portion of the attacks. Everton enjoyed nine-tenth of the attack, the number of shots was strangely poor in number and quality. Chedgzoy was quit the most prominent forward on the field, and once when he swept past Mackinlay and Middlehurst the ball was put towards goal and Taylor made an unusual error failing to pick up at the first chance. It was a dangerous situation and the ball was smuggled away.

Bamber was too inclined to dribble today and with Middlehurst taking a risk a corner was Everton’s luck. This was insidiously taken by Roberts and muddied away by Liverpool whose right wing showed glimpse of true form. Pinkney winding up a shade wide.

Pagnam headed to goal and a minute from half time Wareing after two thrills, but the ball out to Chedgzoy who although outside was allowed to proceed nearly half the length of the field. Taylor stood between him and the goal. The Balmorals men advanced some yards of his goal adjusted his jersey and when Chedgzoy rammed in a most powerful shot, Taylor shot out both hands and the ball cannoned high into the air and over the goal. It was a marvelous piece of goalkeeping and friend and foe generously applauded the only Liverpool player on the Anfield side.

Half-time; Everton 0. Liverpool 0.

In brief the first half had been a triumph for Liverpool’s defence, and the best player had been Taylor, Chedgzoy, Wareing Longsworth, Fleetwood, and Goddard.

There was a lot of discriminate pasting when the game was resumed.

Pinkney opened cleverly but finished poor and Cunliffe, who had been out of the picture for some time, joined – Metcalf in a nice bout of passing. Again the finish was without tangible result.

Watson was wild, and out of place, but after Kirsopp had a nice long cross-shot Watson touched a high mark by shooting in brilliantly after he had been grounded. His chance came after Pinkney centre that was put far too close to the goalkeeper’s reach.

Cunliffe went near and Chedgzoy nearer, Chedgzoy by following it up, collared a Middlehurst punt. Away he went but Longworth came to his comrade’s aid and proved himself impassable.

Liverpool had started with a rash but it was not long before Everton resumed their attacking ways and Taylor’s big punches were necessary to prevented a goal. The pace slowed somewhat, but their was plenty of Fire in the proceedings, especially when Middlehurst impede Chedgzoy twice.

Pagnam continued to be held up just as Williamson was but the time came when the Liverpool centre took a free kick and found his way blocked as usual. However, Pagnam was encouraged a little, and he sent the left wing away smartly. Clennell was wide with a free kick, and a hot shot from the same foot-sailed high over. His right wing, however, became curiously mix.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: April 1, 1916)


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