Sheldon’s letter regarding match fixing scandal

Monday, April 10 – 1916
Private J. Sheldon, of the Footballer’s Battalion, has written the following letter from France in regard to the “scandal match” between Liverpool and Manchester United.

“Would you kindly grant me space in your valuable paper to explain my position re suspension? Perhaps it is unfair for me to ask this favour after my case has been dealt with so long ago by the F.A. But you will understand how difficult it is for me to explain while doing my bit ‘Somewhere in France.’

“I am now taking the first opportunity I have had, and wish to let the numerous followers of football know how I stand. I emphatically state to you, as your best and fairest critic, that I am absolutely blameless in this scandal, and am still open, as I have always been, to give to any Red Cross Fund, or any other charitable institution the sum of £20 if the F.A., or anyone else, can bring forward any bookmaker or any other person with whom I have had a bet.

“Assuming I return safely from this country, I intend taking action against my suspension, and in the meantime you would do me a great favour if you would kindly insert this letter in your issue. – Begging to remain, yours faithfully, PTE. J. Sheldon, 17th Middlesex.”

E.J. West, it is common knowledge, has taken up a similar attitude, and he has been in communication with the Football Association.
(Liverpool Echo, 10-04-1916)

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