The life of a footballer

Monday, April 10 – 1916
There were some curious results on Saturday in many matches, and the end of the season feeling, no doubt, caused some of the players to ease up and to be peaceful, whatever happened to the score. One cannot grumble at the footballer.

All through the picture he has silently scorned the critic, and gone on with charity-fund-promotion. Unlike other professional entertainers, he has not been paid, and he has taken himself to a munition works, and thus supported his wife and family. Only bare expenses have been paid, and he has risked his limbs, his life, his profession by playing this season.

To his credit be it said: The professional footballer has striven earnestly, and the games have been among the most enjoyable the football world has ever known.
That he should lapsed in April 1916, after reading the F.A.’s unwise dictum: – “We’ll carry on next season as we have done in 1915-6” – isn’t surprising. How would you play if you were in his place?
(Liverpool Echo, 10-04-1916)

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