Derby day on Good Friday

April 20, 1916
The holiday to-morrow will be welcomed by a large crowd of workers, who will take the opportunity of visiting Anfield for the purpose of seeing another big “Derby” match between Everton and Liverpool.

Will all intending spectators kindly note that the time of kick-off is half an hour earlier than usual – three o’clock? Through the war period a number of football enthusiasts have been unable to see the excellent fare served up by the loyal players of both clubs, and, further, other people have given up the game save on the occasion of a “Derby” meeting.

To-morrow, therefore, a great crowd is certain to assemble at Anfield to witness what has for many years resulted in exceptionally keen and clean football.

Not a Liverton man has disgraced himself by shady tactics, and there is no doubt in my mind that the morrow’s game will be as clean as former games. These are the results of the meetings between the clubs this season: –

November 27, at Anfield: Liverpool won 4-1.
December 27, at Walton: Liverpool won 5-2.
February 26, at Walton: Liverpool won 1-0.
April 1, at Walton: Everton won 1-0.

Liverpool. – Ted Taylor, Ephraim Longworth, James Middlehurst, John Bamber, Arthur Goddard, Walter Wadsworth, Ernest Pinkney, Wilfred Watson, Fred Pagnam, William Banks, Tommy Cunliffe.
Everton. – Tommy Fern; Bob Thompson, Jock Maconnachie; William Brown, Tom Fleetwood, Billy Wareing; James Williamson, Billy Kirsopp, Joe Clennell, Harold Rigsby, George Harrison.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: April 20, 1916)

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