Liverpool v Everton 5-2 (League match: April 21, 1916)

April 21, 1916
Match: Lancashire Section, supplementary tournament – Southern Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:00.
Liverpool – Everton 5-2 (3-0).
Attendance: 27,000.
Referee: Mr. W.J. Heath; linesmen: Messrs.: F. Laister and O. Rothwell..
Liverpool (2-3-5): Ted Taylor; Ephraim Longworth, James Middlehurst; John Bamber, Arthur Goddard, Walter Wadsworth; Ernest Pinkney, Wilfred Watson, Fred Pagnam, William Banks, Tommy Cunliffe.
Everton (2-3-5): William Bromilow; Bob Thompson, Jock Maconnachie; William Brown, Tom Fleetwood, Billy Wareing; James Williamson, Billy Kirsopp, Joe Clennell, William Rigby, George Harrison.
The goals: 1-0 Pagnam (6 min.), 2-0 Pagnam (pen, 20 min.), 3-0 Pagnam (pen, 44 min.), 4-0 Pagnam (60 min.), 5-0 Watson (62 min.), 5-1 Kirsopp (75 min.), 5-2 Kirsopp (77 min.).
** Note Echo claims Pagnam scored the first goal, while Daily Post and other media gives the opening goal to Banks.

and Everton met yesterday and made a superior of interesting points in a game that was thrilling, if only by reason of its seven goals for sixpence. First the crowd was a record for the season at Anfield. Second Pagnam by scoring four goals, two from undoubted penalties against the club’s keenness rivals exceeded Clennell score for the season – 30 and 29. Third it was Everton’s first defeat in the subsidiary competition.

Nine-tenths of the spectators at Anfield yesterday, must have given the credit of the first goal to Banks, but the official verdict is that Pagnam scored the goal and that view is backed by the statement of Banks, who says that Pagnam had not made an effort to divert the ball, the goal would never have been scored.

This point will doubtless make interesting discussion locally. At any rate Pagnam is now credited with the goal against Everton this season including two hat-tricks. A brief seminary of the benefit of the boys at the game –as given here. Kirsopp scored both goals for the visitors –lovely efforts they were. But Everton’ forwards line was very scrappy, and only Clennell and Harrison played anything like good football.

Everton shuffled their forward line after the interval, Clennell moving from centre to the left and Williamson, Chedgzoy’s deputy went centre. Rigsby moving to outside right. Fleetwood towered over all the half backs and Longsworth was quite the best back on view, although there was any amount of good defence on both sides.

Strange as it may seen with seven goals scored –the goalkeepers had nothing to do all the shots of direction scored. Bromilow was rather viewed that Pagnam took the first penalty kick before he was ready to try to stop the shot. But Bromilow should have been ready.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: April 22, 1916)

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