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Jack Sheldon’s letter from Aberdeen

April 26, 1916
Jack Sheldon, the well-known Lancashire footballer was drawn into letter-writing as a consequence of the playing of the Everton v Liverpool match. He is at O Ward, Military Hospital, Old Mill, near Aberdeen, and his letter to me says: –

“It is now 3.30, and Liverpool and Everton will be going at it. I hope it is a good game. All my best wishes to the boys. I am going on as well as can be expected. I went under operation last Monday morning. I shall be glad when I can back to the lads of the Footballers Battalion again. It’s no game of mine, lying in bed. I have never had more than a day in bed in my life prior to this. We have a lot to thank the Red Cross for; they look after us splendidly.”
(Source: Liverpool Echo: April 26, 1916)

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