When Bill Foulke met George Allan

May 3, 1916
The number of stories concerning the Leviathian William Foulke must be numerous and funny. The Laurie Bell case provided one peg, and I recall the day when little Johnny McMillan, the Derby forward, “crashed” into Foulke, and the big man simply lifted him up with his right hand and gently laid him aside!  A “Daily Post” correspondent reminds is of Foulke’s most famous incident in Liverpool. It occurred in a match between Liverpool and Sheffield United, at Anfield, in which that custodian was concerned. Bill Foulke and George Allan, the Liverpool centre forward, had got at loggerheads, and Foulke created a sensation by getting hold of the Liverpool man and standing him on his head. Apart from being a very decided transgression of the rules, it was a remarkable feat of strength, for Allan was a six-footer and weighed something like 13 stone. But Foulke was a giant, for he stood over six feet and weighed about 20 stone. Both have now joined the great majority.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: May 3, 1916)

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