A huge crowd is expected

May 5, 1916
The fall of rain will be welcomed by the footballers who are once again coming to Charity’s aid. To-morrow the ground should not be dried up, and there will not be any dust thrown up, although the game will certainly be what is known in colloquial language as “a dusty one.” The game will be noteworthy in many ways.

Something at stake.
There will be something at stake, and the players are sure to go out for it, and the players are sure to go out for it. Everton fancy that now that they are at full strength they can prove the recent form all wrong. The selection of Jefferis at inside left in a point worthy by our study. Jefferis as a purveyor has few quals and I imagine that tomorrow he will see after the interest of Harrison as Jimmy Settle used to do in the case of Harold Hardman. With Clennell at centre and the right wing in last Saturday’s form Liverpool’s defence will know they have been playing when the game ends.

Will They Rise?
Liverpool always rise to the big occasion. This is a big occasion. The Liverpool Club’s fine gift of a motor ambulance will be on view, as also the Police Band; and Liverpool will undoubtedly give hearty response to Everton’s attacks.

Everton must by now have come to fear Pagnam, and also Pinkney in a minor degree. Altoghether the outlook for the Lord Mayor’s Roll of Honour Fund is highly interesting and promising.

The football we have had during the season has been good enough for the keenest critic, and to-morrow, when the players (whose loyalty has been marvellous throughout) step on the field, I hope a huge crowd will welcome them, and greet them in the manner they deserve. They are the only professional entertainers who have continued their work for the good of the game and the cause of charity.

Let us do them proud to-morrow. The Fund richly deserves support, and all that Liverpool folk desire to know is that the Liverton teams are strong and out for victory to ensure their attendance.

Liverpool: Ted Taylor, James Middlehurst, Ephraim Longworth, Walter Wadsworth, Arthur Goddard, John Bamber, Tommy Cunliffe, William Banks, Fred Pagnam, Wilfred Watson, Ernest Pinkney.
Everton; Tommy Fern, Bob Thompson, Jock Maconnachie, William Brown, Tom Fleetwood, Allan Grenyer, Sam Chedgzoy, Billy Kirsopp, Joe Clennell, Frank Jefferis, George Harrison.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: May 5, 1916)

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