Newcastle United F.C. balance sheet 1915-16

May 25, 1916
Yesterday, the annual report of the Newcastle United Football Company, Ltd., for the season 1915-16, was issued to the shareholders by the directors. The report reads as follows: –

“The directors beg to submit to you their 21st annual report and balance sheet for season 1915-16. The total income of the year was £986 16s. 4d. of which £590 2s. 9d. was contributed by the military for billeting and damage to the ground in the previous season.

“The ground was again occupied by the military from 20th October to 24th December, 1915, and while no billeting fees were allowed on this occasion, considerable damage was again done to the ground and stands, and a claim has been made to the military authorities for compensation.

“The Football Association and the Football League have decided that for the present no re-engagement of players can be made.

“The North-Eastern League clubs last season agreed not to take part in friendly competitions arranged by the League on account of the distance between several of the clubs in the group to which we were attached. It has been suggested, however, that some re-arrangement of the groups may be made by the League Management Committee that will enable us to take part in one of those competitions.

“Roll of Honour
The following players of the club have joined either the Army or the Navy:
Thomas Cairns, R.F.A.;
Jack Carr, M.T.A.S.C.;
Tom Curry, Tyne E.E.;
D. Duglinson, N.F.;
Stan Dixon, Tyne E.E.;
J.E. Esther, R.F.A.;
D.L. Gilmour, N.F.;
Thomas Goodwill, N.F.;
Stan Hardy, N.F.;
Dick Little, R.N.D.;
Richard McGough, R.G.A.;
Jock McTavish, Tyneside Scottish;
George Pyke, Footballers’ Battalion;
G. Rivers, A.S.C.;
T. Suart, R.F.A.;
W. Warren, R.G.A.

In view of the loss on the year’s working, the directors recommend that no dividend be paid for the past year.

The following directors retire by rotation: – Messrs. S.F. Bates, W. Bramwell, G.T. Milne, and R. Oliver. These gentlemen are all eligible and offer themselves for re-election.

The following gentlemen have also been nominated: – Messrs. T. Rutherford and W.H. Yates.

The auditor, Mr. Thomas Hannah, retired, but offers himself for re-election.

The revenue account shows that the expenditure amounted to £1,532 2s. 11d., and that the excess of outlay over income totalled £545 6s. 7d. The balance-sheet states that the total assets, including £14,442 15s. 7d. for expenditure on capital account, amount to £19,332 12s.”
(Source: Newcastle Journal: May 26, 1916; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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