The Everton F.C. accounts

May 27, 1916
The Everton Football Club Company, Ltd, report, issued on Saturday, says the annual meeting of shareholders will be held on June 6, at eight o’clock, in the Central Hall, Renshaw-street, Liverpool.

The directors recommend the payment of a dividend at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum on called up capital.

The retiring directors are Messrs. Dr James Baxter, E. Green, and B. Kelly, who offer themselves for re-election. No other nominations have been received, these three gentlemen will accordingly be declared elected for the ensuing three years.

The income for the year was £6,596 14s. 5d. and on the year’s working there was a deficit of £148 11s. 8d. after writing off £794 of bad debts.

The profit and loss account shows a surplus of £16,701 15s. 1d.
(Source: Liverpool Daily Post: May 29, 1916)

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