The tax and the turnstiles

May 27, 1916
It was only at the last moment, practically that serious friction was avoided between the Inland Revenue authorities and the promoters of the charity football match in which Mr. Bob Oakes’ military team took part, at Liverpool, last Saturday.

Under the new amusement tax regulations charity matches, etc., are exempt from taxation provided the expenses do not exceed twenty per cent. of the gross takings.

There are turnstiles at all parts of the Anfield Road ground, and the football officials concerned wished the figure recorded there to be accepted as the basis of liability. But the Government’s local representatives not only desired, but were insistent that admission should be by ticket.

Asked where 20,000 tickets could be obtained, with a further supply if needed, the club officials were told that was a problem they had to solve for themselves; the Customs and Inland Revenue people do not advise.

In the end a telegram from a high civic personage in Liverpool to headquarters in London produced an intimation to the local tax collecting body to the effect that the turnstiles of the Liverpool Football Club could be trusted to do their work correctly.
(Source: Yorkshire Evening Post: May 27, 1916)

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