May 29, 1916
Held in London on Monday evening, the annual general meeting of the Football Association lasted less than a quarter of an hour. Mr. W. Pickford, the senior vice-president present, occupied the chair, and the forty-one representatives included Mr. W.A. Duckworth, Manchester.

The balance-sheet showed total loss on the season of £1,257, the expenditure amounting to £1,483 19s. 6. and the income to £295 19s. 9., while there was £100 secretary’s salary to charge against the international match account, which had no income.

The Association’s assets amount to £5,296 13s. 10d.

There is a credit balance of £35 on the benevolent fund. Grants made during the season amounted to £30.

The only point of interest raised related to £75, the entrance fee for the Football Association Cup and the Amateur Cup Competitions, which did not take place last season. In the circumstances the item should not have been placed in the general account as income, it being really a liability.

After some discussion the accounts were passed with a recommendation to the Finance Committee to adjust this item.
(Source: Burnley News: May 31, 1916)

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