Liverpool F.C. balance sheet 1915-16

June 6, 1916
That Liverpool had a capital season everyone knew, but that they would make over £1,000 profit was hardly expected, because they have some standing charges of weight. They do not recommend a dividend this year, you’ll notice. The official secretary of the club, Simon Jude and West, send out the following particulars: –

The twenty-third annual general meeting of the Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Grounds Company, Limited, is to be held at the Law Association Rooms, 14 Cook-street, Liverpool, on Wednesday, the 14th inst., at 8 p.m.

The report shows that on this occasion the directors do not recommend a dividend. The retiring directors, Messrs. William Robert Williams, Thomas Crompton, and Edward Askew Bainbridge, offer themselves for re-election.

The profit and loss account shows net income of £5,349 4s 2d. The gate receipts in league matches were £6,400 13s 10d. From this had to be deducted £583 9s 8d percentage to the Football League and £513 due to the League under the subsidiary competition pooling arrangement.

The expenditure of £3,958 2s 2d comprised the following items: –
Players’ wages under contract to July 18, 1915, £52 10s; players’ expenses, £250 2s 11d; travelling expenses, £293 12s 4d; training expenses and trainers’ wages, £176 1s 10d; ground expense and groundsmen’s wages, £274 5s 9d; doctors’ fees and medicine, £20 12s 5d; gate expenses, £175 7s 10d; referees and linesmen’s expenses, £36 7s 3d; clothing material and stores, £8 7s 10d; League subscriptions and sundry contributions, £61 6s; advertising, printing, and bill-posting, £96 6s; rates, income tax, mortgage, and other insurance, £1,407 6s 7d; office expenses, telephone, stationery, &c., £44 9s 10d; general charges, including refreshments, fuel, lighting, water, audit, &c., £292 0s 4d; secretary’s and clerk’s salaries, £129 8s; mortgage and other interest, £639 17s 3d. After a donation of £161 16s 11d had been made to the Motor Ambulance Fund, a balance of profit shown of £1,229 5s 1d.

The balance-sheet of assets (£31,745 8s 5d) and liabilities showed a sum at credit of £6,258 18s 9d. The capital subscribed amounts to £12,000, and mortgages, debentures, loans, and interest are set at £13,157 5s 2d.
Receipts for the club Motor Ambulance Fund amounted to £650, of which the chief items were £194 6s 1d given by shareholders and directors. £291 14s 10d percentage returned from the League for appropriation to charitable purposes, and £161 16s 11d the donation of the club.

The total had been sent to the Red Cross Society, £450 being in payment for the ambulance and £200 for its upkeep.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: June 6, 1916)

Thomas Crompton, Liverpool director, up for re-election.

1911 Tom Crompton

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