Sheffield United F.C. balance sheet 1915-16

June 8, 1916
The annual report and balance-sheet of the Sheffield United Cricket and Football Club, Ltd., were issued yesterday. The accounts show a small unfavourable balance on the year’s working, amounting to £39 1s. 7d. The actual income amounted to £3,716 19s. 7d. being £591 4s. 5d. more than the expenditure, but this difference was more than swallowed up by the payment of interest on mortgage and bank overdraft, leaving the small balance on the wrong side stated above.

So far as football is concerned, the Bramall Lane club did very well, the income amounting to £3,318 17s. 11d., and the payments, including two-thirds of ground charges, to £2,559 13s. 8d. or £759 4s. 3d. to the good. Receipts at matches, less half gates and guarantees to visiting clubs, came to £3,667 2s. 3d. travelling expenses cost the club £319 14s. 4d, and refreshments, luncheons and teas, £290 15s. 5d., while £145 12s. 2d. was handed over to the League Relief Fund.

The cricket and general account showed a loss, the expenditure being £566 1s. 6d. as against receipts, inclusive of £200 from the Yorkshire County Club towards the upkeep of the ground, amounting to £398 1s. 8d.

The report points out that the club was the only League club in either First or Second Division that was able to run a reserve team last season, and also mentions that ten thousand soldiers, including wounded, had been admitted to the Bramall Lane ground during the football season.

Notwithstanding that football players had given their services, and the expenses had been reduced as far as possible, no dividend on preference shares can be paid.

The annual meeting had been fixed for June 26, when the following directors retire, but are eligible and offer themselves for re-election: – Lord Hawke, Messrs. A. Neal, T. Bott, F. Atkin, P.S. Stokes, and A.A. Tasker.
(Source: Newcastle Journal: June 9, 1916; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited


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