Liverpool F.C.: The annual meeting of 1916 (Liverpool Daily Post)

June 14, 1916
Liverpool Football Club, last night, held their annual meeting at the Law Association rooms, Cook Street, before a good attendance. Mr. John Asbury, chairman of the club, presiding, and was accompanied by Messrs. John McKenna (League president), William Robert Williams, Edward Askew Bainbridge, Albert Worgan and William Coward Briggs.

The Chairman moved the adoption of the report and balance-sheet, and Mr. William Robert Williams, seconding, pointed to the fact that on the liability side there was a sum of £13,486, whereof in 1912 the figure was £21,000 – in five years the club had wiped out a very big sum. Further, it must be remembered that they had at Anfield a freehold land.

The chairman pointed out that the item “Players’ wages” looked an anomaly, but it was due to certain contracts made before the Football Association ordered an amateur season. He desired to thank the players for their loyalty to the club and the game, in spite, in very many cases, of their labour in mines &c. He thought the governing body were justified in deciding to carry on next season.

The carrying out of the District League enabled the club to accommodate during the season no fewer than 27,765 soldiers, while 5,696 wounded soldiers had accepted the club’s invitation to the stand accommodation. Football was not normal nowadays, and they could not peer into the future regarding the game, but in spite of the ralling-up system they hoped to keep the game going.

Votes of thanks to the directors and players were carried with applause. The retiring directors (Messrs. Thomas Crompton, William Robert Williams, and Edward Askew Bainbridge) and the auditors (Messrs. Simon Jude and West) were re-elected.
(Source: Liverpool Daily Post: June 15, 1916)

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