Liverpool F.C.: The annual meeting of 1916 (Liverpool Echo)

June 14, 1916
There were no long speeches at the Liverpool F.C. meeting last night, and questions were very few. Mr. John Asbury presided over what he termed a surprisingly large attendance of shareholders. This, he pointed out, showed the interest taken in the club, and he moved the adoption of the balance sheet and report,

Mr. William Robert Williams following with a cheery statement concerning the state of the club, which in five years’ pleasure had reduced the liabilities from £21,000 to £13,000. As the club had £2,000 in the bank, shareholders, he said, would recognise the good position of the club. Mr. Williams answered a query regarding the absence of a dividend by referring to the income tax increase, and he said he thought it was better that the club should conserve their reserves rather than pay a dividend.

The chairman then thanked the players for their excellent football and their loyalty. Many of the men came straight from their employment – some had worked through the night – consequently it was not fair to too seriously inquire into some in-and-out form. A shareholder afterwards curbed this point somewhat, and in assisting in the carrying of a vote of thanks to the players he said the shareholders thought the players had done remarkably well, and that they had shown that a footballer could play after doing a week’s hard work.

Mr. Chairman created applause by noting the figures for charity and the provision of a motor ambulance for the Red Cross Society, and also by his statement that during the season 27,745 soldiers had been admitted free to the ground, and 5,896 wounded soldiers had witnessed games from their stand. He congratulated the Football Association upon their decision to carry on the game, and hoped that some sort of football – perhaps on last season’s lines – might be possible next September.

The directors re-elected were Messrs. William Robert Williams, Thomas Crompton, and Edward Askew Bainbridge, and the auditors were re-elected. Mr. Golbourn proposed and an old friend seconded the vote of thanks to the directors for their worthy service in an arduous season, and the laugh of the night came when the seconder declared that the directors had been “heroes.”

The following list shows the Liverpool F.C. gifts during the season: –
Proceeds practice match, £104 14s 3d; Footballs for soldiers (collection), £113 16s 2d; Do. Do. (club donation), £10 10s; donations to Forces, £41 15s; Motor Ambulance and upkeep, £650; Roll of Honour match v. Everton, £168 0s 10d;  Amount retained by the League (5 p.c.of gates), £291 14s 10d.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: June 15, 1916)


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