All kind of sports (Evening Despatch)

June 30, 1916
* Stands on the Tottenham Hotspur football ground have been converted into work-shops.
* Captain Vivian Woodward, the famous Association footballer, who was wounded and afterwards taken ill, has recovered his health and returned to duty.
* Thomas Dowdeswell, a Wolverhampton Wanderers junior forward, who joined the Footballers’ Battalion, was recently home wounded. He had no fewer than 33 separate injuries, caused by the explosion of a rifle grenade. He was wounded at the same time as Vivian Woodward. Harry Jones, another Wolverhampton reserve back, who left t join the Walsall club, has also been wounded with the Welch Fusiliers.
* The annual meeting of shareholders at West Bromwich Albion F.C. should have taken place last night at the Hawthorns, but there was not the necessary quorum present. Mr. W.L. Bassett, chairman of directors, accordingly declared the meeting adjourned until to-night, when, if there is still not a quorum, the business will be subsequently transacted by the directors, this being the procedure contained in the articles of association.
(Evening Despatch: June 30, 1916)


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