Barnsley F.C.: The annual meeting of 1916

July 11, 1916
Alderman J.S. Rose presided at the annual meeting of the Barnsley Football Club at the Royal Hotel, Barnsley, last night, when there was a good attendance.

Proposing the adoption of the report, which showed a loss of £120 odd, the Chairman extended a cordial welcome to Lieutenant Colonel Fox, a director. Alderman Rose said many cruel things had been said about football being played last season, and expressed surprise at the attitude of Lord Hawke on the matter.

Some thought if there was to be no football there should be no cricket, but at all events they did not ask any one to subscribe towards football as was done in the case of cricket. He felt sure football in Barnsley, at all events, had done no harm, for 90 per cent. of their supporters were miners who, as they knew, were not allowed to enlist. The game had also been a delight to soldiers in their midst, and it had been a pleasure to entertain so many wounded soldiers. He felt sure Lieutenant-Colonel Fox, who had been at the Front, would agree there was nothing unpatriotic about playing football. Alderman Rose expressed appreciation of the free services of the players.

The accounts were unanimously adopted, and the retiring directors, Messrs. F.W. Buswell, Lieutenant-Colonel C. Fox, H. Morton, C.B. Moore, T. Pleasatt, and C.W. Squire, were re-elected.

Lieutenant-Colonel Fox agreed that it was the proper thing to continue the game, for those who were engaged on war work at home were entitled to some recreation. They would also be surprised to see the interest taken in the football results by the men at the Front, and he was delighted to see so many of the players had joined the services.
(Source: Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer: July 12, 1916)


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