A football that headed a charge

July 26, 1916
The East Surreys fight with the Prussian guard: A kick-off football honoured

In the upper illustration the East Surreys at Kingston Barracks, and wounded from the military hospital, are seen cheering, led by Colonel H.S. Treeby, D.S.O., their “chief,” at the presentation of the historic football which Captain Nevill, of the regiment, kicked off in action with the Prussian Guard during the Great Offensive.

The football is on the flag-draped table before the Colonel.

Below, Colonel Treeby is shown holding up the football as he addressed the men: “The gallant officer who kicked it off,” he said, “fell in front of the German trenches…. it will be a fitting memorial of the devotion and sacrifice of the battalion who played the game so well and served so heroically our God, our King, and our Country.”
(Source: Illustrated War News: July 26, 1916)


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