Local talent for Liverpool Football Club

August 17, 1916
Liverpool had a trial game this week and mainly concerned  themselves with players of local reputation. That football will be carried on somehow is a surety. Those who think that senior players may give up the game for the time being must forget the fact that a season in war-time counts on to benefit periods, and is consequently an important factor in the decision of a player.

I know that payment of players, or rather the absence of payment, is still bothering and worrying players, but they will have to possess their souls in patience, for a time at least, because the matter will not come before the League’s full committee prior to September 11. Even then the three main props of the F.A. will have the final word, and they are known to be up against payment of players this season – for reasons that should not stand inquiry, say the players. As I said earlier, if senior do not desire to play it is entirely up to them to drop out, as also clubs who do not desire to play.

There are many solider-footballers in every city, and football will certainly “carry on” with success and interest throughout the season. As a sample of how players are found, I have found a man in our neighbourhood who has no superior in the centre half berth – a man of international honours and fame. He is located here, and Liverpool, I find, are on his track.

If they get his consent the Anfield club will be richer in strength and personality, and, moreover, the attendance barometer would bump up through the advent of this tall, swarthy player, who is a Scot and a born leader. More anon. Let us hope the decision of the player will be favourable.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 17, 1916)

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