Captain J.R. Williams

August 19, 1916
Captain J.R. Williams, of the King’s (Liverpool Regiment), who was reported in yesterday’s issue as having been missing since August 9, is the only son of the later Alderman W.H. Williams, former Lord Mayor of Liverpool, and of Mrs. Williams, Moss Bank, Croxteth Eoad.

He joined on the outbreak of war, and proceeded to France with the first draft, in November, 1914. He received his commission early in 1915, and was promoted to the rank of captain the following July.

He was educated at Liverpool College and Clifton College, and was a well-known player with the Liverpool Football Club.

A letter from his Major, acting c.o. states:
“It is known that he was slightly wounded early in the engagement, but he refused to go back to safety, and went on with his men, and was last seen leading an attack on the German trenches. He was one of the best, and no one was more beloved by officers and men. No officer had a finer courage or a keener sense of duty.”
(Source: Liverpool Daily Post: August 19, 1916)

Note: I am not sure if he is connected to our club, or the rugby club with the same name. Liverpool had a reserve goalkeeper around 1910 named “J. Williams”.

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