Bandsman Norman Bradley stationed at Islington

August 22, 1916
There’s a lot of movement in the football world this week. First, let me make known the fact that the hint of an international helping the Anfield club next season has fulfilled its promise. At Crosby there is a duplicate in appearance, and this has led to the confusion – more’s the pity. Nevertheless, don’t imagine that it was the club’s concern – it was my own – and the club has – I know, something very special up its sleeve for its followers. Names anon. For the moment let me state that this morning I met Bandsman Norman Bradley, the half back who was discovered last season. At the back-end of the season Bradley had a nasty accident, but he’s all right now, and, fortunately for the club, he is stationed at Islington, and will therefore be at Liverpool’s command through the season. He tells me he has been playing five games a week while at Oswestry. Tommy works his well-known footballers pretty heavily, eh?
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 22, 1916)

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