Lines about the new players

August 24, 1916
Liverpool F.C.
have one trial game only. Saturday is the appointed day, and as the club has but one game, and has interesting sides matches, the attendance is certain to be big. The game should prove an even one – the formation of the elevens suggests a close finish – and with the theatrical gala being granted the gross proceeds of the game, a handsome sum should result.

Interest in the club will be increased when it is pointed out that the directors have again sought young local talent. Last season Liverpool had the first offer of two known and capable players but they passed them over to another club, and declared that their policy was, “Look to the future. Now is the time to foster the younger members and make them into players of class for the near future.”

Liverpool by this decision found such players as Bandsman Norman Bradley, a capable half-back; John Bamber, a stylist, who is coming all one way; Robert Waine, a tricky little “dot” at outside right, who is now showing speed and control; Tommy Cunliffe, a knowing outside left.

It has been announced that Cunliffe would play for Oldham Athletic this season, but I am officially informed that such is not the case; and, furthermore, not only will Cunliffe play for the Anfield brigade, but Tommy Lucas, who was keenly desired by Manchester United, will play for the Reds, and this player will be an undoubted acquisition to the club. One novelty about the Liverton is that there is a duplication of names.

Taylor and Curtis are names appearing in both team-sheets this weekend. In the Anfield case Taylor and Curtis are locals; but in Everton’s Taylor, the back is a local and Curtis is the Wolverhampton Wanderers’ player, who is working in the city.

Collins, Williams, and Taylor are local on trial. Taylor has played with Thatto Heath, an area which Liverpool has exploited with good results. McNicol is a local, and Dagnall is the Prescot player, who was wanted by Hull City.

The kick off is at 3.30; referee, Mr. Halliday. Teams: –
Reds. – Ted Taylor, Ephraim Longworth, Tommy Lucas, John Bamber, Arthur Goddard, Donald Mackinlay, Ernest Pinkney, Arthur Metcalf, Fred Pagnam, James Henderson, Tommy Cunliffe.
Stripes. – Kenneth Campbell, Collins, A.N. Other, Norman Bradley, Walter Wadsworth, Owen Williams, Robert Waine, Curtis, Taylor, McNicol, and Dagnall.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 24, 1916)

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