Ahead of the season premiere

Friday, September 1 – 1916
There is good news for members of the Anfield fraternity. Tomorrow, when the opening of the season will be celebrated in “the usual manner,” they will have the pleasure of seeing that excellent left wing – Smith and Vizard.

There was a doubt on the point until this morning, and the news that I have gathered is particularly good because it makes all the difference between a moderate side and a side that everyone who loves class football will want to see. Both men are in the Army – Smith played in our military international, you may remember – and are stationed at Leeds, and their captain having promised to let them off as regularly as possible, Smith and Vizard have written Bolton to say they are going to play at Anfield-road to-morrow.

Liverpool hope to start their season with a win, and they will have to fight hard ad long of the Bolton left wing is to be kept in check. A grand contest should be the outcome, and as Liverpool expect no change in the team I shall plump for a Red victory.

Liverpool. – Taylor; Longworth and Lucas; Bamber, Goddard, and Mackinlay; Pinkney, Metcalf, Pagnam, Henderson, and Cunliffe.
(Liverpool Echo, 01-09-1916)

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