Football League meeting (September 11, 1916)

September 11, 1916
The Management Committee of the Football League met at Manchester, on Monday, Mr. John McKenna presiding.

In connection with the dispute re English players in Ireland, it was decided that until satisfactory assurance that the rules will be and have been carried out, no League player be allowed to play in Ireland without permission.

In the case of George Anderson, the League was quite agreeable to his playing for Manchester United, and the application from W. Cook, of Oldham Athletic, to have his suspension removed, was acceded to.

E. Laxton, of Nottingham Forest, and J. Montgomery, of West Bromwich Albion, were removed from the retained list, with the consent of their respective clubs.

A request from several Liverpool and Everton players concerning the payment of players was read, but as the restriction was made by the Football Association and the general body of clubs had not expressed an opinion on the subject it was not acceded to.

T. Nelson (Burnley) and H.D. Halliday were appointed referees in place of H.H. Taylor and H. Yates, who have joined the forces. The referees for October were appointed.

Mr. John James Bentley, a life member of the Football League, is about to sever his connection with the Manchester United Club, of which he has been secretary for four years, and previously chairman for eight years. The directors desired him to join the board, but Mr. Bentley felt it inconvenient to do so.
(Burnley News: September 13, 1916)

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