Harry Lewis makes his Anfield bow

Thursday, September 14 – 1916
Team selections are more fascinating than ever before in the history of football. Clubs have so many strings to draw upon and so many new faces to introduce nowadays, that the team-sheets are scanned with much keenness. And no club has a better advertising scheme – they may not desire to advertise, but the effect is there all the same – than Liverpool F.C., who, by the adoption of the rule that the club shall all time keep its eye on the future, make interesting novelties in the selection line.

For this week’s attraction, Oldham Athletic, for example, they have brought to our notice one Lewis, who much resembles Joe Smith, of Bolton, and who has been wanted by Manchester United.

Lewis is a Birkenhead product, and old scholars will remember him as a prominent player with the school side, and also with the Old Boys’ Club. One season he potted 101 goals, and latterly he has been doing well with the local clubs.

Liverpool will play him alongside Cunliffe on Saturday, and the only other alteration is the appearance of Speakman, Prescot’s member. Now be it understood Lucas has not been dropped, but Speakman is able to play, and the club is anxious to give Speakman a game.

They are wise in making public the news that Lucas is not dropped, because the form displayed by Lucas has been so good that his omission from the team must have created discussion.

The side, which has needed strength in the forward rank, is as follows: – Ted Taylor, Ephraim Longworth, Sam Speakman, John Bamber, Arthur Goddard, Donald Mackinlay, Ernest Pinkney, Arthur Metcalf, Fred Pagnam, Harry Lewis, Tommy Cunliffe.

Liverpool v. Oldham Athletic. – At Anfield, Saturday next at 3.30. Adm. 7d (Stands Extra).
(Liverpool Echo, 14-09-1916)

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