Lewis to make his debut

Friday, September 15 – 1916
Football to-morrow should be bright and brotherly, if not brief. We have some excellent fare in prospect, for Oldham have always adopted the rousing game, and latterly have, through the agency of Dave Wilson, Charlie Roberts, Woodger, and Donnachie, brought into their game a spice of artistry that has made the team very attractive.

Oldham have some stars away to-morrow, and doubtless they would have liked to have had Cunliffe playing for them. But he will be playing against them, and alongside him will be Lewis, the young but well-spoken-of player who comes from Birkenhead with a reputation for getting goals – a fact which Liverpool seized because too much has fallen on the willing shoulders of Pagnam in the last season or so.

The game will be interestin in another direction – the vital part of goal. Here we shall see Matthews, the man who for long time kept Ted Taylor from being classed in the first flight of goalkeepers.

Taylor never complained; he realised that it was the fortune or misfortune of the game, and he waited his chance.

Whenever he got into the Oldham team he played splendidly, but naturally the Oldham folk could not give up Matthews while he was playing well – and, mark you, Matthews, a steady fellow, has been keeping goal a long time now without a black mark against him.

Go and see for yourself to-morrow at Anfield, and be assured that the “friendly” Lancashire League game will give you plenty of good sport.

The club desires that spectators shall remember to have the exact amount of entrance fee ready when they visit the turnstiles.

Liverpool. – Ted Taylor, Ephraim Longworth, Sam Speakman, John Bamber, Arthur Goddard, Donald Mackinlay, Ernest Pinkney, Arthur Metcalf, Fred Pagnam, Harry Lewis, Tommy Cunliffe.
(Liverpool Echo, 15-09-1916)

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