Can Liverpool overcome Stoke?

Friday, November 3 – 1916
Stoke are among the toughest clubs in the land. We recall very vividly their first appearance in Liverpool this season, and their game was enterprising and surprising. Tomorrow they play Arthur Bridgett in the position he held for so many years with Sunderland F.C., and the fact that Humphries, the Villa forward, is to help the Pottery side is evidence that the line will need careful handling by Liverpool defence. Goddard’s reappearance on the wing, like Bridgett’s game, must interest the crowd.

Unfortunately Liverpool are not too certain about their side. Campbell has yet to make his appearance with the Reds, and the club has A.N. Other in the goal-point. Who is he?

Then Pagnam and Bamber are coupled at centre forward – I think Pagnam will play – and if Bamber returns to the side he’ll link up with McKinlay and Wadsworth.

I fancy the leaders of the League will find Stoke a very difficult side to overcome. It should be a needle game in fact, but Liverpool’s players are exceedingly keen on victory. The performance of the Reds leads me to believe that a capital game and a capital crowd will be seen.

Liverpool. – A.N. Other; Longworth, Lucas; Bamber (or Bradley), Wadsworth, Mackinlay; Goddard, Metcalf, Pagnam (or Bamber), Lewis, Cunliffe.

Liverpool v. Stoke. – At Anfield. To-morrow (Saturday), 3 p.m. Admission 7d (Stands Extra).
(Liverpool Echo, 03-11-1916)

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