Manchester United v Liverpool 0-0 (War time, League match)

Saturday, October 7 – 1916
Match: Lancashire Section, at Old Trafford.
Manchester United – Liverpool 0-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 2,000.
Referee: Mr. L.P. Hitchen; linesmen: Messrs. J.W. Oates and F.J. Proctor.
Manchester United (2-3-5): Jack Swann, Cyril Barlow, Jack Silcock, Molyneux, Patrick O’Connell, Thomas Forster, Armstrong, Brooks, Crossley, Clarrie Hilditch, James Robinson.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Ted Taylor, Ephraim Longworth, Tommy Lucas, Norman Bradley, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Arthur Goddard, Curtis, Fred Pagnam, Harry Lewis, Tommy Cunliffe.

The gale lashed itself to fury at Old Trafford on Saturday, and as a consequence the meeting between Liverpool and Manchester United was reduced rather to a semblance of serious football than the real thing. Nevertheless, there was plenty of excitement, including some exceedingly determined rushes on the home goal, and those who braved the elements were rewarded by witnessing a vigorous contest, in which science took second place to physical endurance.

A violent waterspout in the middle of the first half caused a stampede on the part of the spectators on the popular and uncovered side of the enclosure, and they rushed across the playing patch for shelter. The game was, of course, momentarily suspended, but there was no disorder, and proceedings were speedily resumed.

In the second period the wind abated considerably, and some capital footwork on the part of the Anfielders was seen, the visitors being distinctly unlucky in not finding the net on at least two occasions.

Manchester United, who were without Buckley and Woodcock, began promisingly, but they appeared to crack up under the trying conditions, and at a later period, when the elements were kinder, they could make practically no impression on the Liverpool defence.

Taylor, indeed, had almost nothing to do, so good was the understanding between Longworth and Lucas, both of whom gave a thoroughly sound display at full back. The halves also were in fine fettle, Bradley being especially conspicuous.

Pagnam, who sustained a damaged shoulder, played on his characteristically robust games, and was unlucky in not getting, at least one shot home. Lewis also was unfortunate in hitting the upright, while other efforts were very smartly dealt with by Swann, who kept a remarkably good goal. It was like old times to see Goddard at outside right, and he did not belie his earlier reputation in this position.

Cunliffe, on the other wing, did much clever, if ineffective, work. United did not shine in any particular department except goal, were Mew’s subsistute showed wonderful judgment
(Liverpool Echo, 09-10-1916)

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