Can a goalkeeper score from a goal-kick?

Friday, October 13 – 1916
The performance of kicking a goal-kick the length of the field, credited to Ted Taylor last Saturday, brings to mind the fact that a goalkeeper once scored a goal. I think it was another Ted who was concerned – Doig, to wit – and he was “faced” by a Manchester City’s keeper’s big kick, which kick was aided greatly by the wind blowing from goal to goal. Doig touched the ball in an endeavour to save it, and the ball passed over the goal line and counted.

To-morrow I can see Taylor having a busy time, in spite of the wonderful work Longworth and Lucas are putting up. The question is: Can these three work together with tough half backs, keep Blackpool from doing what but one club (Bolton) has done? To-morrow’s “Football Echo” will be your best guide for the answer.

Liverpool. – Ted Taylor, Ephraim Longworth, Tommy Lucas, Norman Bradley, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Arthur Goddard, Arthur Metcalf, Fred Pagnam, Harry Lewis, Tommy Cunliffe.
(Liverpool Echo, 13-10-1916)

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