Taylor called for military service

Friday, October 20 – 1916
This morning the Notebook has exclusive news of the ending of the great triangle that has stood for Liverpool through practical every match this season. Just as we have been pondering our interests over the fact that only one goal has been scored against Taylor, Longworth, and Lucas, we arrive at a black full-stop.

Ted Taylor is about to join the Motor Transport section of the Army on Wednesday next, and will have to say goodbye to Lancashire football. He was rejected at the first examination – like a number of footballers, he had a number of break and aches – and later he was passed. He will continue to find a game, I’m sure that London’s gain will be our loss.

Of course Kenneth Campbell is still Liverpool’s player though he has been helping Southport Central – much to Central’s delight – and I should imagine that Campbell will return to his Anfield comrades and thus fill the bread.

That Liverpool should have but one goal against in seven matches has already been discussed, and to that fact may memory an word or so? When Taylor played for Balmoral in 1911-12 he had but ten goals scored against him in the season! No wonder they won the Zingari League! He pays cordial tribute to Longworth and Lucas, and declares that the understanding between the trio is excellent. He only regrets that the partnership has to be cut, for he has enjoyed his Anfield service very much.

To-morrow many things point to Liverpool getting a very big crowd. Arthur Goddard is to reappear at outside right; Bandsman Bradley gets his first run of the season at home; and the team will be very keen to beat Stockport pointless and help the defence to preserve its clean “single” in the goals against column. It will be a rousing game and Stockport, with their Nuttall and Gault flavour, will make Liverpool go all the way – that is a surety.

Liverpool. – Taylor; Longworth, Lucas; Bradley, Wandsworth, Mackinlay; Goddard, Metcalf, Pagnam, Lewis, Cunliffe.
(Liverpool Echo, 20-10-1916)

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