Football League meeting (November 11, 1916)

November 11, 1916
Matches limited to 80 minutes
The Committee of the Football League met at Newcastle on Saturday, Mr. John McKenna presiding.

In November clubs should play 80 minutes instead of 90, and that, if necessary, the referee should curtail or stop the five minutes’ interval.

It was reported that the percentage f match receipts up to date amounted to £900.

A letter was read from the Scottish League asking for a conference with the four principal Leagues as to the future government of football at the expiration of the war, and especially as to the remuneration of players, but as the loyalty of the players had been proved, it was not considered opportune to discuss the matter at present.

In connection with the John Cameron Fund, it was announced that £150 had been subscribed by clubs, and that Leeds City had offered to play a match on New Year Day, free of cost. Lieutenant Shepherd, of the R.F.A. promised to raise a team, in which would be included many internationals, and the matter was left in the hands of Messrs. McKenna and John James Bentley.

The amount realised for the benefit for Benson, the international back, who died after taking part in a match with the Arsenal, was reported to be over £300.
(Yorkshire and Leeds Intelligencer: November 13, 1916)


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