Derby day awaits at Anfield

December 1, 1916
There is a furore about tomorrow’s games. Liverpool and Everton meet at Anfield in the season’s first “Derby” game, and South Liverpool have their biggest draw of the season at Dingle. Pagnam plays for Liverpool for the first time since joining the forces, and he is assured a hearty welcome.

Everton chose their team early on, and, there is not a doubtful starter, in spite of a rumour that has been spread about. Liverpool, however, are without a goalkeeper – at the moment – Ted Taylor being unable to get leave for a match he was deadly anxious to engage in. However, Pagnam is playing, and Bennett becomes inside right owing to Lewis falling ill. Goddard and Wadsworth are in the home team, and therefore the sides are very well matched.
Liverpool, after their magnificent game with Manchester City, and after their work against Southport and Blackburn, hope to keep up their unbeaten record, but they will be tested to the fullest extent by their neighbours. At half-back Everton just hold a shade the better of the “look,” but at back Liverpool turns the table by the merest trifle. Everything points to the game being the greatest of the season, and all that I plead is that the players will show the football would once again that “Derby days” need not be “dirty days.” Red and Blue – jealously guard your reputation for clean play. Keen play is certain. All that is needed is the jewel of fairplay.

There will be a collection for the Hospital for the Blind. Kick off is 2.30 – not 2.45 as stated before.

Liverpool. – A.N. Other, Ephraim Longworth, Tommy Lucas, John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay; Arthur Goddard, Tommy Bennett, Fred Pagnam, Arthur Metcalf, Tommy Cunliffe.

Everton. – Frank Mitchell, Joe Smith, Bob Thompson, Tom Fleetwood, Billy Wareing, Alan Grenyer, Frank Jefferis, Billy Kirsopp, Morris, Joe Clennell, George Harrison
(Liverpool Echo, 01-12-1916)

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