Discussions about the penalty kick

Wednesday, December 6 – 1916
Whatever may be said of the justice of the penalty-kick awarded Liverpool on Saturday, the fact remains that tere is much discussion regarding the “outcome.” Metcalf took the kick, and screwed wide. It is claimed by Everton and supported by evidence from “the other side” that the infringement which caused the kick to be retaken was due to Liverpool players overstepping the line ere the kick was taken. If that was the case, then, of course, it looks unfair for a player to have a second attempt with a kick that has one wide at the first attempt. The rules, however, do not cover the contingency named, and only refer to the power granted a referee when a kick has been netted, and has been netted “in spite of” and infringement by the defending side. No one, so far as I can find, has made mention of Mitchell’s advance when the second penalty kick was taken. It is an all-important factor of a penalty kick that the goalkeeper should be on his line when the kick is taken. If he advances he narrows the view of the goal in the eyes of the shooter. That is why I take special note of the goalkeeper when penalties are being taken.
(Liverpool Echo, 06-12-1916)

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