The champions march on

March 5, 1917
In gaining a couple of points against Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park, on Saturday, Liverpool practically consolidated their position as champions of the Lancashire Section. This is no more than the Anfielders deserve, for through a trying season they have preserved the most consistent form, and have won through by pluck and determination. Saturday’s victory was in every way a meritorious one, and the visitors might have double the margin of goals in the second half if they had extended themselves.

The Rovers, who were scarcely at full strength, opened most promisingly, their swinging passes being effective, but it was not long before the Liverpool halves began to take stock of their opponents and break up their attempts at combination. Further than this, they fed their own forwards sedulously; and eventually Tommy Bennett, who had had several previous tries, netted at short range. From this point onwards, with of course certain retaliatory onslaughts, the visitors were the better balanced side; and when Arthur Metcalf added a second goal the issue was never really in doubt.

Hannaway, of South Liverpool, appeared at outside right, and, all things considered, he made a promising debut. It may have been nervousness that caused him to make two bad misses early on, but eventually he fell into line admirably, and put in many well-judged square passes. The remainder of the quintet were all up to concert-pitch, and gave the home defence little rest.

Of the ability of the halves we have already spoken. Ephraim Longworth shone strongly, and was well partnered by Tommy Lucas, while Kenneth Campbell did all that was asked of him. Latheron and Dawson were the pick of the Rovers’ vanguard.
(Liverpool Echo: March 5, 1917)


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