Players at loggerhads

March 26, 1917
Liverpool’s penultimate game in the competition proper was married by many regrettable incidents that quite ruined the contest. The climax was reached late in the second half, when two players got at loggerheads, and, following a consultation between the referee and linesmen, both players were ordered to leave the field.

Prior to this the referee had need to caution several players, and there was altogether too much vigour infused into the play.  Liverpool won easily enough, and were unquestionably the superior side, but there was little in the game to enthuse about. Rochdale play a crude type of game, and rely more upon vigour and dash than skill to win their points.

The goals were scored by Harry Lewis, Tommy Bennett, Arthur Metcalf, and Tommy Cunliffe. The first half of the game contained few features of interest, but after the change of ends the game was better contested, and the pace quickened considerably.

Liverpool had Tommy Haughton (from Birkenhead) in goal, and he did well what little he had to do. The home defence was sound, the half-backs reliable, and, although the forwards improved in the second half, they did not show up well before the interval.

Billy Biggar, the Rochdale custodian was the most prominent player on the losing side.
(Liverpool Echo: March 26, 1917)


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