Capital and clean game at Anfield

April 6, 1917
Two matches on successive days between the Liverpool favourites is a war novelty and one that is appreciated by the footballing public, judging by yesterday’s attendance at the first meeting. There were some 14,000 spectators at Anfield yesterday, and they were treated to a smart game, a lot of good football being witnessed.

There were a number of team changes, on of the most noteworthy being the debut of Wadsworth junior in the ranks of the club with which his brother plays at centre half. He, like Bennett, was first tried at Everton. Everton’s latest new boys – Williams, Stephen Murray, and Twiss – appeared again, and played even better than last Saturday, Williams at half-back being in especially fine form.

In the first half there was one goal – Gault nodding a Murray entre beyond Haughton – and there were three very narrow escapes. Mackinlay early on had Mitchell beaten, but the bar stopped the great drive; shortly before half-time Lewis shot in, and Mitchell effected a fine save; and Wadsworth nearly headed a goal.

In the second half Liverpool improved and scored a scrimmaging sort of goal. Smith helping the ball through his own goal. This honours were even, and that was a fair reflection of how the play went. Liverpool were unfortunate in the first stage of the game. Everton afterwards outplayed their rivals, and finally Liverpool came to their best form, and if their right wing had been sharper to the “onward point” would have given Everton’s solid defence even more work than they did.

Bennett was well watched by Wareing, and Lewis, in spite of hard kick, was the cutest forward on the home side. Jefferis on the other side being prominent by reason of his oaxing of Murray, who, like young Wadsworth, showed much sense in centring. Both boys will “come on,” and should prove valuable helpers to their respective sides. Twiss in the first half also improved, and Williams was always at a good level standard. One thing more needs must be told: Liverpool’s equalizing goal came from a debatle free kick awarded against Murray.

Liverpool: Tommy Haughton, Tommy Lucas, Billy Jenkinson, John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Arthur Goddard, Arthur Metcalf, Tommy Bennett, Harry Lewis, Harold Wadsworth.
Everton: Frank Mitchell, Joe Smith, Bob Thompson, Tom Fleetwood, Billy Wareing, A. Williams, S. Murray, Frank Jefferis, Ernie Gault, J. Twiss, L. Manley.
(Source: Liverpool Daily Post: April 6, 1917)


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