Rubber match fixed for Anfield

April 25, 1917
The Mersey follower is not to be left out in the cold next Saturday. Thanks to a sensible arrangement, there is to be played at Anfield a match between those great local rivals, South Liverpool and Tranmere Rovers. Already the teams have met twice recently, a draw resulting each time (2-2 and 0-0), and the result is that the Anfield game becomes a rubber fixture, and is certain to draw a large crowd.

Want to see the styles.
Many Everton and Liverpool enthusiasts have in bygone times been anxious to see what sort of football these Lancashire Combination players serve up, and many a time and oft they would have made the journey to Prenton or Dingle, but the fare was only one “drag.”

Now, right in the heart of the city, they have the teams brought together under their notice, and the result must be that there will be a large concourse at Anfield, for without doubt the Everton and Liverpool enthusiasts will be there, and there will also be the Dingle Park and Tranmere crowd. So we are in for a Derby Day with vengeance.

A slight change.
First, there is the appearance of Tommy Bennett, the Liverpool centre, who has been released by his club so that he may appear with his old South friends. The other change is the alteration of price, which will be six-pence, including tax. This is a fair proposition, and the reduction will be welcomed by all.

How South are framed.
Tom Page, who was not really fit for service but stepped into the breach to help Liverpool out of a difficulty last Saturday, will be certain to play in the attack. Tom is the St. Mirren, and ex-Everton player, and to-day I propose to give you a few particulars to being on “speaking terms,” as it were, with the players you will see. First, South Liverpool’s side.

Goal: Thomas Capper. Known already but his sound work when he played for Liverpool. Small, but good. Sure eye. Started with Golborne, Jenkinson and Tattum’s land.
Jack Page: Sturdy fellow. A punting back. Played with Rochdale and Everton.
Billy Jenkinson: Long-legged back, who has deputised for Ephraim Longworth with considerable success and more promise.
Owen Williams: Welsh junior international. A little fellow with a personality – and headpiece.
E. Williams: Old Garston player.
A.N. Other: Who will it be?
Robert Waine: Another Liverpool fellow, and another personality. He is playing capital football, and is taking the crowd and the ball with him.
Hannaway or Aspinall: Latter Warrington, former local.
Tommy Bennett: Doesn’t require any recommendation.
Tom Page: Ditto.
Tattum: A player of the future. Comes from Portsmouth, and remarkably tricky winger; doesn’t waste centres.
(Liverpool Echo: April 25, 1917)


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