Gallant effort to save drowning boy

Friday, May 11 – 1917
The courages conduct of a nurse was the subject of comment at the inquest, this afternoon, on Ernest Wm. Newstead, aged eight, of Brand-street, whose father is a soldier.

Norris Evans, a companion of the deceased, said they were bathing in the Trent, near the bone works. Neither of them could swim, and Newstead got out of his depth, and although witness and another boy tried to get to him they were unable to do so. A nurse who was in a boat endeavoured to reach him first from the boat and then with an oar, and finally jumped in, but could not recover the body.

“A very plucky thing to do,”commented the Coroner, Mr. C.L. Rothers.

The body was recovered on Wednesday by Bernard Pykett, of Freeth-street, a former Forest footballer, who said he was in bed when he heard a woman screaming that her boy had come back. He ran out, and seeing the body floating, dived into the river and recovered it near the bone works.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned.
(Nottingham Evening Post, 11-05-1917)

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