Wally Smith killed at the front

Saturday, May 12 – 1917
The casualty lists recently contained the name of Private Walter Smith, of the Lincolns, as being killed at the Front. Chester football patrons will be deeply sorry to learn that this soldier, who had made the supreme sacrifice, was “Wally” Smith who played for Chester Football Club for the seasons 1912 and 1913.

He was a brilliant inside right and his tricky play and shooting powers were something remarkable. He was equally successful as an inside left, and a cleverer exponent of the game was never seen in Chester colours.  It is painful to recollect that his partner on the extreme right Jack Yuill, was killed in action last August.
(Cheshire Observer, 12-05-1917)

UPDATE: This player is not the same “Wally” Smith that played for Chester and Liverpool among others. The local newspaper just got it wrong. There was two “Wally” Smith`s at the time. One that played for Birmingham during the 1903-04 season, and then our guy who played for Birmingham between 1912 and 1914. The article above is in reference to the first player.


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  1. We have Wally Smith with 6 Lancashire League games (5 goals) in 1908. 5 as center forward and 1 as inside left. I think he was born in Bootle, c1888. (LFC Official Archives)

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