Football League letter: The clubs to bear the gate burden

June 16, 1917
A copy of the circular issued to all League football clubs: –
Dear Sir, – The president submitted to the Management Committee, at its meeting on the 8th inst., a proposal with reference to next season’s competition. He had carefully tabulated the gates received by the clubs, and arrived at the conclusion that if football had to continue next season, as he hoped it would, it would be necessary to adopt some system whereby the visiting club would participate in the gate receipts.

He suggested that he 1 per cent, to League funds for the working of the League should be continued that the percentage to charity should be four in all matches, and that after this deduction of the match expenses and the percentages of the four and one respectively in the principal competition, the visiting club in each case should receive 20 per cent., whilst in the subsidiary competition the 20 per cent, should be placed in two pools – one for the Midland clubs for their section, and the other for the Lancashire clubs for their section, such pools to be divided equally amongst the sixteen clubs contributing.

Judged by last season’s figures, he clubs that would lose by such “pooling” scheme will be Birmingham, Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds City, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Stoke, and all these have assented to the proposal. It would be very costly to supply the clubs with the figures tabulated by the president, but he Management Committee unanimously decided to adopt the same and submit it to the annual meeting, when full particulars will be given.

In order to give the clubs that will benefit by the system the fullest advantage of it, the committee propose to adopt a new system of “fixtures,” enabling the clubs to square off the 20 per cent. on the gates without delay. Your proposed fixtures will be sent you shortly. – Yours truly, Tom Charnley, Secretary.”
(Source: Liverpool Echo: June 16, 1917)

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