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Season preview 1917-18: Brentford F.C. (Sport Argus)

August 25, 1917
Brentford have already secured a good list of players for the season. Many of them assisted the club last season, and, with the number of new players Mr. Halliday is communicating with, the team should be much stronger than last year.

The players so far engaged are: Frank Drabble, Ted Price, and P.C.J. Morris (goal); Corporal Ernie Rhodes, Fred Bullock, and G.H. Curtis (backs); W. Stanton (Watford), Private John Lamb (Sheffield Wednesday), Private Fred Keenor (Cardiff City), Sergeant Alf Amos, and Sergeant Ted Hanney (Manchester City), half backs; Albert Chester, Private H.A. White, Private Patsy Hendren, A. Edwards (Watford), C Atherton, and T. Roberts (Luton), forwards.

The opening game will be against Clapton Orient at Griffin Park on 1 September.
(Source: Sport Argus: August 25, 1917)

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