Without Ted Vizard and Joe Smith

September 17, 1917
The Anfielders negotiated the second away fence with comparative ease on Saturday, and there can be no doubt now that they are a well-balanced and workmanlike team. It is true that Bolton Wanderers were rather poorly represented, but, quite apart from this, the Liverpool men gave a capital account of themselves. The main weakness was a disposition at times to take matters too easily, and, truth to tell, at no period of the game were they fully extended.

The Wanderers who had hoped to be able to field Ted Vizard and Joe Smith, were sadly handicapped, and, though, they played throughout with rare gameness and pluck they were never really “on terms” with their opponents.

Kenneth Campbell, thanks to spasmodic and occasionally disconcerting rushes on the part of the forwards, was kept fairly busy, and he brought off one or two wonderfully fine saves. Both the backs were at the top of their form, and the halves made a barrier which the youngsters opposed to them found exceedingly difficult to surmount.

Robert Waine, though neglected at times, showed once again his distinct cleverness, and at times he led Tom Buchan and Jimmy Nuttall a very lively dance. Tommy Bennett led his forces with unsparing vigour, and the left wing pair were frequently well in the limelight.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: September 17, 1917)

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