Kenneth Campbell in Charity Match

Thursday, November 1 – 1917
At the request of Mr. Alfred Martin, an official of the National Union of Journalists, Andrew Wilson, of Sheffield Wednesday, and Jesse Pennington, of West Bromwich Albion, have gathered together splendid teams to meet at Bramall Lane, on Saturday, with the laudable object of augmenting the “Scribblers” War Distress Fund.

The elevens which are appended include some of the greatest footballers in the country.

Andrew Wilson’s team: – Jimmy Lawrence (Newcastle United), Bob McSkimming (Sheffield Wednesday and Motherwell), Jimmy Blair (Sheffield Wednesday and Rangers), Tom Brittleton (Sheffield Wednesday), Jim Harrop (Aston Villa), David Wilson (Oldham Athletic), Billy Meredith (Manchester United), Teddy Glennon (Sheffield Wednesday), David McLean (Sheffield Wednesday and Third Lanark), Andrew Wilson (Sheffield Wednesday), Joe Donnachie (Oldham Athletic).

Jesse Pennington’s team: – Kenneth Campbell (Liverpool), Joe Smith (West Bromwich Albion), Jack English (Sheffield United), Jesse Pennington (West Bromwich Albion), Andy Ducat (Aston Villa), Charlie Deacey (Hull City), Bobby McNeal (West Bromwich Albion), Claude Jephcott (West Bromwich Albion), Jack Price (Wolverhampton Wanderers), George Anderson (Manchester United), Samson Whittaker (Aston Villa).
(Daily Record, 01-11-1917)


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