Gate of six pounds for the visit of champions

Tuesday, December 4 – 1917
Anyone who knows Ephraim Longworth knows a trier. He, as captain of Liverpool F.C., has imbued his men by practice and precept, and many a time and oft has he pulled his side together by his personality.

Now Longworth has, like one or two others of the Liverpool club, been taken back by the mad enthusiasts of the game. We shall have them with us to the bitter end of life, I fear; but if by publicity we can shame them, it is our duty to do so – or to try to do so.

That is why I am going to tell you that Tommy Bennett was ambushed by some spectators when he played against Blackburn Rovers. There must have been money at the root of the spectators’ complaint, otherwise it would never have been aimed at the centre-forward.

Then Longworth had a curious “missile” delivered to him the other day. It was from a man who had not the decency to sign his name, and moreover, did not pay full stamp money for the postage.

Wanted more than 16 goals.
Longworth was upbraided before the game started. The letter said, in effect, “If you and your men don’t go out against Blackburn Rovers, you are not doing your supporters justice. I represent two thousand workers – he did not name the place of employment – and we shall boycott the club if you do not beat Stoke’s score.”

A pretty piece of impertinence, this! Longworth says in reply: – “I should like to have to play against that letter writer’s team. Then we would be out to score as many goals as possible.” There is no doubt that the Stoke chicken will come home to roost – and the bird won’t be a welcome one.

Blackburn Rovers, it may here be mentioned, took a trifle over £6 last week – this at the visit of the leaders of the section and last season’s champions!!! Another item worth recording: – Sam Speakman once again got into the wars, having a nasty bang on the leg.
(Liverpool Echo, 04-12-1917)


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