Scenes at the tank today

Tuesday, December 11 – 1917
By five o’clock this afternoon the Tank had partaken of £407,200 worth of War Bond money, bringing his total since yesterday morning to £557,150.

On the arrival of his superior officers this morning they found the front had whetted his appetite enormously, and in a most anxious condition for his breakfast. When this did come he partook gluttonously of four delightful courses. They were in the form of £50,000 War Bond investments.

The first from the White Star Line, the second from the Maritime Insurance Company, the third from the Royal Insurance Company, and the fourth from the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company.

In connection with the investment by the Royal Insurance Company and the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company, it should be stated that today’s contributions of £50,000 are in addition to £50,000 subscribed by each company in connection with the tank bank in London last week.

After a little time for digestion Julien began anew, this time taking smaller portions. His first was £10,000 from Messrs. Brodrick, Leith, and Kendall, followed by £1,000 from Mr. John Collier, and £500 from Councillor John Glynn.

The tank then had a most interesting bite. It came in the form of a £50 investment from a well-known soldier-sportsmen in France – none other than Lieutenant Arthur Berry, the international footballer.

The certificate was handed to the tank for his stamp by the footballer’s brother-in-law.

This afternoon an anonymous gentleman from Birkdale visited the tank with fifty wounded soldiers, and bought, and bought for each one a war savings certificate.

The wounded men gave three cheers for the donor.

An application for a £5 bond was also received from a lady in Berkshire.

A theatrical day is being arranged for Friday, and it is very probable that Mr. Ambrose Manning (Ole Bill in Mr. Bairnsfather’s “The Better ‘Ole”) and other variety artistes in Liverpool this week will assist.

The £10,000 purchase by Mr. Valdemar Graae, mentioned yesterday, was that gentleman’s personal investment.

The biggest subscription today is from Messrs. Levy Bros., and Knowles, Ltd. For £100,000.
(Liverpool Echo, 11-12-1917)



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