South as happy hunting ground

December 18, 1917
Happening on a Blackburn man recently, I heard from his lips how well the South Liverpool contingent had played for the old Rovers club. Mr. Middleton was high in his praise of the South element, and he said how he valued the ready assistance offered by South Liverpool through Mr. John Lewis.

There is no doubt that South Liverpool F.C., a struggling club, has the key of sportsmanship, and has all along the line been anxious to give of their best to all corners. They have often sacrificed themselves to do other clubs a good turn. The names of Tommy Bennett, Tommy Haughton, Robert Waine and Billy Jenkinson are evidence of this.

It was South ‘s ever-willing secretary, Mr. W.J. Sawyer, who kept Tommy Bennett from going back to Canada after he had had trials with Everton, and had had confabs with Liverpool. The players who have experience with South never forget their “love” of the clubs, and I am certain that now that South are to have a Christmas feast the public will not forget South’s sporting actions, and will rally round them at all their matches, especially on Boxing Day morning, when Tommy Bennett will help South against Tranmere. What a gate there will be!

I must get up early that morning, for there is another sporting affair, but I don’t mind going to Dingle in the morning and on to the local Derby in the afternoon, just to complete the day’s doings.
(Liverpool Echo, 18-12-1917)


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