Liverpool beat Everton 4-1

January 1, 1918
All our senior clubs are making an early start this year, being engaged at home, or nearly so, because Everton are almost as well acquainted with the Anfield pitch as their own. This meeting of Liverpool and Everton today, the 5th this year, is in the subsidiary competition, and with both teams strongly represented, the large crowd present anticipated a tight struggle.

The Game.
It was obvious from the outset, it was going to be a very strong struggle for supremacy, but it came somewhat as a surprise when, after four minutes very even play, Gault shooting from much longer range than usual, drove in a fast shot which went just inside the upright out of Campbell’s reach.

Straight afterwards Schofield was responsible for a fine cross shot which Fern fielded, and at the other end Clennell cleverly “dibbed” Longworth and from his centre Gault was just wide. Everton were much the trickier, being better served both in their half and forward line, and Campbell had an anxious moment until a high one from Grenyer dropped on the top of the rigging.

A Liverpool breakaway was only stopped by Robinson returning to Fern. Clever work by Schofield set the Reds line going, and Robinson conceded a corner which gave no trouble but on the whole the first half-hour was decidedly in favour of the visitors.

Longworth was wide with a free kick, but Lewis showed better marksmanship from an awkward angle, and Fern had to jump out to save his charge. This was however a comparatively simple task compared with his task when Metcalf let go with terrific force from point blank range and when the keeper brought off a really great bit of work the crowd gave a big round of applause.

Good Back Play.
The backs on each side were great trim and Bull several times pulled up Bennett in somewhat summary but very effective fashion while Longworth sudden rushes frequently upset Donnachie. In this respect the teams were very evenly matched and it seemed as if Gault’s fine commencement of the New Year was going to give the club a good send-off in the subsidiary competition.

Everton’s polished play made them good value for the lead, but Campbell was well covered, Jenkinson playing with assurance, while thanks largely to Wareing, Bull and Robinson, they had not been unduly pressed. However, Bennett eluded his watchers half a minute before the interval and passed to Lewis who comfortably beat Fern.

Send him Victorious.
We are an matriculate race, and when during the interval the band played the National Anthem not many of the big crowd joined in vocally but those who did laid great stress on the words, “Send him victorious” and the rousing cheer at the end showed that the crowd sincerely hoped that this year would see that very desirable culmination to our efforts.

Half-time; Liverpool 1, Everton 1.

The second half had only been in progress three minutes when Schofield dropped the ball night in the Everton goalmouth. Bennett, on the ground, tried to scramble it through, but it was Waine who gave Liverpool the lead.

Four minutes afterwards Lewis from Metcalf scored. The second half was a transformation, Liverpool playing with great élan, simply smothering their opponents.

Fog made the game difficult to follow. Bennett scored for Liverpool from a corner after fifty-three minutes play.

Teams: –
Liverpool: Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth, Billy Jenkinson, John Bamber, Ted Hughes, Donald Mackinlay, Robert Waine, Arthur Metcalf, Tommy Bennett, Harry Lewis, George Schofield.
Everton: Tommy Fern, H. Bull, Billy Robinson, Sam Challinor, Billy Wareing, Alan Grenyer, Stephen Murray, Ernie Gault, Bill Wright, Joe Clennell, Joe Donnachie.
Referee: E. Eccles.
(Evening Express: January 1, 1918)


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